Congress, BJP making false promises ahead of polls: BRS MLC Kavitha

Kamareddy: Bharat Rashtra Samiti MLC Kavitha, daughter of Telangana Chief Minister KCR, has hit out at Congress and the BJP, the two principal opposition parties in Telangana. The southern state is set to go for Assembly polls later this year.

“The State witnessed two public meetings of two big parties. One is where the Congress party has shown a new love for Dalits and organised a SC/ST declaration meeting. In a strange incident, the BJP has organised a Rythu Bharosa meeting with its national leaders. These show that the opposition is trying to mislead the people by false promises ahead of the elections,” she told reporters.

Congress, she said, has ruled the country for a long time but has not worked to alleviate poverty among the Dalits. She said that Telangana Chief Minister KCR,  is working for the welfare of all sections of the society and has brought many schemes for the Dalits, poor people, backward classes, and minorities.

“The Congress thinking that the people might not believe if the local Congress leaders give promises, has brought Mallikarjun Kharge for the meeting. They have just declared what we are already doing. As we are already giving Rs 10 lakhs as Dalit Bandhu, they declare that they will give Rs 12 lakhs. As we are already giving Rs.2000 pensions, they declare that they will give Rs 4000. Congress does not have any love for Dalits or poor people.”

Further, she claimed Telangana is the only state that focuses on the welfare of Dalits and the state has doubled its Per Capita Income since its formation in 2014.

“The only thing Congress has done is that they have made Mallikarjun Kharge as AICC Chief. They have done nothing else for Dalits,” she said.

Later, sharpening her attack against the BJP, which is trying to make sizable inroads into the southern state, Kavitha alleged, ” BJP is the reason for the deaths of 850 farmers by bringing the three farm laws….They have copied our Rythu Bandhu scheme and implemented a similar scheme at the centre.”

She futher said, “BRS has already declared 115 candidates but Congress and BJP are in no situation to declare their candidates. They do not have a CM candidate. Our CM candidate is KCR. They should declare their CM candidate. They are in confusion and frustration and are thus organising these meetings and telling lies.”