Consumption of chicken and eggs will not cause harm, govt. clarifies

Hyderabad: Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Telangana’s animal husbandry minister, on Tuesday, clarified that the consumption of chicken and eggs will not cause any harm. The minister also reiterated that there is no presence of bird flu in the state.

“Consumption of chicken or eggs once cooked will not cause any harm and on the contrary, they provide high protein to people who consume it,” he said after a high-level meeting on the bird-flu review in the state here.

He also assured full support to the poultry industry to prevent the spread of the disease in the state and safeguard the industry.

Chicken sales reduce to 30 per cent

Even after the state government repeatedly said that there is no presence of bird flu in the state, the falling demand for chicken and egg is causing their prices to fall steeply. The prices have fallen to Rs.70-Rs.80 per kg, as against the usual price of Rs. Rs.180-Rs.200. For boneless chicken, the prices fell to Rs. 250, as against the usual price of Rs. 320-Rs.350.

The chicken sellers at Mehmoob Chowk said that the chicken sales have reduced to 30 per cent.

Chicken sellers are forced to reduce the prices as there are very few customers. Tolichowki’s Tawakkal Chicken shop owner said, “These rumors of bird flu have shattered our business and we are in huge loss. As we had only a handful of customers for almost four days, we had to reduce the price to Rs. 85 per kg.”

Ayesha’s Kitchen, a home-cook who takes private orders, said:  “We are already fighting with the ongoing COVID-19, this flu has scared us even more. As a preventive measure, we are not taking any non-veg food orders.”

Javeed Ali Khan, resident of Malakpet said, “We have a small get together planned and we planned to have a chicken-based meal as the prices have reduced,” adding that he refuses to believe in the rumors that are being spread and he believes in the government’s clarification.