COVID-19: Complacency could prove dangerous

Hyderabad: Hyderabad city is once again turning into a coronavirus center as on one hand delta cases are persisting on the other hand the micron cases are increasing. The number of Corona cases have crossed 300 in Hyderabad.

All the patients of coronavirus are being treated at Gandhi hospitals and TIMS.

Even in the face of an increasing number of Corona cases the citizens – especially in the old city – are not following the covid-19 guidelines. Their complacency could prove fatal for themselves.

Huge crowds are witnessed at markets, malls and recreational places. In spite of the government’s directives and police penalties most of the people are not using the face mask or maintaining social distancing.

On December 30, the number of Corona patients was 167 which increased to 2294 on January 3. But still people are showing their complacency and continue to participate in marriages, political and other events in large numbers.