COVID-19: Corporate companies offer packages to cremate Corona casualties

Hyderabad: The second wave of COVID-19 is getting critical in the state. The number of confirmed cases and fatalities are increasing leading to a fear psychosis.

The dread of the pandemic virus is so much that the family members are not willing to cast a last glance on their kins and abstaining from performing the dead persons’ last rites. The Municipal staff is performing their last rites of such dead bodies.

The cremation of the dead bodies has turned into a lucrative business and some corporate agencies are offering services from carrying the Corona dead bodies to the crematorium grounds and performing their last rites through a special package.

These corporate agencies are charging between Rs.30,000 to Rs.35,000 for their cremation services.

Ethin City Funeral Service is one such agency which is offering its services in Hyderabad, Bangaluru, Jaipur and other cities.

The agency charges Rs.32,000 for service in Hyderabad for performing the traditional rites and cremation.

The agency collects the dead body from the hospital and takes it to the crematorium ground and after the last rites it hands over the urn of ashes.

The Agencies have different categories of packages like gold and silver for the rich and well off.