COVID-19: Indian vaccination certificates being treated as doubtful in some countries

Hyderabad: Due to some people obtaining fake covid-19 vaccination certificates, the Indian vaccination certificate is being treated as doubtful by many countries.

Many passengers are asked to undergo blood check-ups to find out the antibodies in their blood to fight coronavirus in spite of having the covid-19 vaccination certificates with them. This is creating great inconvenience for the Indian passengers abroad.

An Indian passenger told a few days ago that he reached Doha along with his covid-19 vaccination certificate which was subjected to scrutiny.  He was required to fill up a seven days Quarantine form even though he was having a coronavirus negative RT-PCR report.

All his medical certificates were thoroughly checked online.  Still, he was told to have his blood tested, and only when he has antibodies in his blood to fight the coronavirus he will be exempted from 7 days quarantine. 

It is being said that apart from Dubai and Qatar, other countries are also insisting that Indian passengers must undergo blood tests.

The current situation pertaining to Indian vaccination certificates is mainly due to the news of irregularities in the vaccination process in India.  

Recently, there was news circulating in Hyderabad that people are obtaining fake vaccination certificates against money.