COVID-19 second wave is very serious: Director health Srinivas

Hyderabad: The Director of the Directorate of Medical Education (DME) Dr. Srinivasa Rao today warned the people of the state that the second wave of Covid 19 virus was very serious in the state and added that the state had registered 5000 cases on Friday alone.

He said that the virus had gone among the people of the state through community transmission .

Speaking to meos persons , he said that the all world were bowing before the virus and added that around 30 to 50 lakh people died when Spanish flue hit the world. He also said around 2.7 crore people during the second wave of the virus. He said that 20 people from Maharashtra to

Came to a place in the state and mixed 30 people from the state. He said that of the 50 people 34 turned out to be Covid 19 positive patients. He said that the virus had infected another 433 people after the incident . He said that it was the largest virus outbreak in the state so far.