CPM urges people to condemn BJP’s false campaign on Telangana armed struggle

Hyderabad: The left party from the state, CPM, on Thursday, called upon the people of the state to condemn the false of campaign rival BJP over the Telangana armed peasant’s struggle.

The state secretary of the party Tammineni Veerabhadram, in a statement, made it clear that the communist leaders of the Hyderabad princely state led the world renowned armed struggle and added that they liberated 3000 villages of the princely state from the clutches of those, who used to bow before the Nizam rulers. He also said that the communist leaders gave away 10 lakh acres of land to the poor people of the state. He said that the communists has the history of sacrificing the lives of 4000 leaders by daring the atrocities of Jagirdars, Zamindars and Razakars. He said that it was not proper for the saffron party to talk about the history of the armed struggle in an insulting without completely knowing about it.

He advised the BJP leaders to stop making such baseless and false statements on the history of the struggle. He said that BJP leader Prakash Reddy spoke falsely about the struggle in a debate in TV -9 news channel by claiming that Raja Bahadur Gour demanded a separate Nizam state. He mocked that the BJP, which has inherited the legacy of Nathuram Godse, who killed the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, to talk about those who fought against the British. He alleged that the BJP leaders were distorting the history of the struggle while praising monarchian system. He also alleged that the BJP leaders were bringing to fore Manuvaada by suppressing the values of democracy and by violating Indian constitution.