CS discusses measures to control monkey menace in Telangana

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: In order to discuss the measures to control the monkey menace in Telangana, the chief secretary of the state, Santhi Kumari, presided over an inter-departmental and inter-agency coordination meeting at the Secretariat on Monday.

The meeting was convened in compliance with the High Court’s instructions, which aimed at devising a strategy to address the issue of crop damage caused by monkeys in the state.

During the meeting, measures were discussed to evolve a strategy to address the problems faced by farmers. The members of the expert committee proposed various short-term and long-term measures to control the monkey menace in Telangana.

The meeting was attended by PCCF RM Dobriyal, Special Chief Secretary MAUD Arvind Kumar, Special Chief Secretary Animal Husbandry Adhar Sinha, Secretary Agriculture Raghunandan Rao, GHMC Commissioner Ronald Rose, and other senior officials.

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