Curiosity peaks over mysterious treasure hunt in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Desk

A thrilling treasure search in underway in the bustling city of Hyderabad. From determining the location of the treasure to the race to find it first and winning cash prize of Rs 200 to Rs 500, Treasure Hunt Hyderabad not only provides an opportunity for adventure seekers but also leaves them curious about who the organisers are.

The organisers leave a white envelope at different location in the city. They show a small clip of the location on social media. The audience is supposed to guess the precise location and reach there before anyone else does to claim the reward.

When asked one of the organisers, who like to remain anonymous, about how they got the idea, they said, “The idea to initiate Treasure Hunt Hyderabad was born collaboratively, fueled by the shared passion for adventure and the desire to create a unique and engaging experience for the community. The purpose of the treasure hunt is to move people from the digital realm to the real world, providing a platform for individuals to have fun, explore their city, and engage in a unique form of physical and mental activity.”

When asked about how the treasure hunts are organised, they said, “The management team ensures the smooth conduct of treasure hunts, incorporating diverse elements to keep the experience exciting for participants.”

They remain anonymous as they are a team of individuals working in different professions. “The joy and excitement shared by the community have become our greatest reward, motivating us to continue organizing unique and enjoyable events,” they said. 

The netizens have reacted positively as the page has quickly gained 17.3k followers and active participation has been observed during various events.

The audience have been requesting them to plan the event in their locality, whereas the mysterious team says, “We do not have any plans of expending (out of Hyderabad) so far, but we are thinking about it.”

Another team member added, “Treasure Hunt Hyderabad is more than just an event. It’s a collective experience that brings people together, fostering a sense of community, excitement, and shared adventure. Our aim is to create lasting memories and moments of joy for everyone who embarks on this thrilling journey with us.”

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