Cyberabad police launches ‘Don’t Waste Food’ initiative

Hyderabad: Cyberabad police commissioner VC Sajjanar on Monday launched a website for the Don’t Waste Food Foundation, an initiative that will pick up leftover eatables and donate them among the poor.

As a part of the launch, Sajjanar flagged off a food pick up van.

This initiative is taken to help and feed the hungry on the streets. The foundation’s volunteers will collect food from restaurants, hotels and distribute the leftover eatables among the poor. 

In the ceremony the police commissioner appreciated the generosity of city-based philanthropist Chakradhar Goud and his team for feeding thousands of hungry people everyday for nine years without asking anything in return.

“The food is also distributed among the kin of patients outside government hospitals,” Goud said. 

He further added, “Presently, we distribute food to around 2,000 people daily. If we can utilise the food being wasted in hotels of Hyderabad every day, no one will sleep hungry in the city.”To donate food, people can login to or call 72071 03539.