Cyberabad police registered 200 drug-related cases in 2021

Hyderabad: This year (2021), the Cyberabad Police commissionerate has registered 202 drug-related cases and detained 420 people on drug-related crimes. In addition, 23 people were held under the Preventive Detention (PD) Act.

Officials claimed the special operation (SOT) and narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (NDPS) team officials were always on the lookout for drug dealers and consumers, and that they had built a robust informant network to assist combat the drug problem.

According to the police department, cops confiscated 1,770.8 kilograms of marijuana, 124 live marijuana plants, 14 marijuana tablets, 8.55 liters of hashish oil, 141 kgs Alprazolam, 116.28 grams of MDMA, three lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) blots, 200 grams of opium, 61 ecstasy pills, and other substances in 2021.

Police officers in all zones have increased their daily checks at hotspots after receiving orders from Cyberabad police commissioner M Stephen Raveendra. Inter-State drug peddlers, bulk purchasers, local sellers, and drug transporters have all been placed on the police radar, according to officials.

Officials also recovered several lakhs of rupees in cash as well as cars used to carry psychotropic chemical substances. The drug dealer suspects were turned up to the respective police stations, together with the confiscated material, and were then placed on judicial remand.

“The special operation team, in collaboration with the NDPS cell, is busy conducting raids, laying traps, and dismantling contraband narcotics rackets in the Cyberabad police commissionerate limits,” M Stephen Raveendra stated.

To combat the threat of narcotics and other psychotropic drug substances, police teams have been developing strong sources and informants networks, he noted. Any drug movement or trade is tipped off as a consequence of a powerful informant network, and they have been taking necessary action against drug peddlers and racketeers.

“So far this year, the preventive detention Act has been used against 23 drug dealers to deter them from engaging in similar illicit acts in the future,” stated the commissioner.