Cyclone Gulab: Moosrambagh bridge closed as water levels rise due to heavy rains

Hyderabad: The bridge at Moosrambagh and the smaller Chaderghat bridge have been shut due to the heavy rains which have increased water levels in the Musi river, which the bridges are built over. The shutting of the bridges was done to avoid citizens from accessing the same and subsequently prevent casualties.  

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board’s (HMWSSB) a day earlier on September 27 to opened two more gates of the Osman Sagar in view of Cyclone Gulab, which has led to panic among citizens. In total four gates of the Osman Sagar has been opened, out of 15.

Hyderabad and the state of Telangana have been witnessing heavy rains which is paving way for the onslaught of floods. The showers resulted in water levels in Osman Sagar and other water bodies rising exponentially which prove to be a significant cause for concern.

“The water has started to reach the tip of the Moosarambagh bridge and up till now things have been fine but everyone is panicked about what could follow next,” remarked Imran Taj, a resident of Moosarambagh.

Moosarambagh among other localities in the city was the victim of floods in October of 2020 which saw a significant loss of life and property. Imran Taj himself lost his vehicle and incurred heavy losses.

On Monday, the area of Jubilee Hills alone received 50 millimeters of rain and with the opening up of Osman Sagar’s gates to counter flooding, the reservoir has reached full water levels. –

When asked about the state government’s precautionary measures, Imran remarked that there is still anxiety among the residents of Chadarghat and Moosarambagh. “Abhi hukumat ke faisle hume samaj main nai aate, madam” (We never could understand the decisions made by the Government.)

With the flood victims from last year receiving next to little help, Imran remains anxious and skeptical as to what could follow next. The Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar lakes were built about a century ago to stop the Musi river from flooding Hyderabad. Both reservoirs stop water outside of the Hyderabad, and gates are opened only when they are full.