Development projects in Hyderabad to begin after Eid

Hyderabad: The GHMC officials have begun a consultative meeting to resume work on the development projects immediately after Ramzan Eid. 

The development plan around the Charminar corridor has been inaugurated to speed up work after Ramzan. In view of the holy month of Ramzan, the plan was temporarily stopped.

Now since Ramzan is about to end the GHMC will resume work on Mahbub Chauk market, Sardar Mahal, and other works along with the renovation of Mandi Mir Alam.

The GHMC officials held a meeting with the Quli Qutub Shah Urban Development Authority officials in this regard and told them to make a plan to finish the projects on time.

The higher officials of the ministry of municipal administration have issued instructions to acquire the properties being affected due to the development projects by negotiating with their owners.

The officials of the ministry of municipal administration instructed the zonal commissioner to inform them about the measures taken to acquire properties from Charminar to shalibanda stretch for the road widening Project.