Distribution of voter info slips in Telangana after Nov 10: CEO

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Vikas Raj has said that the distribution of voter information slips would begin after November 10.

Chairing a meeting with representatives of all political parties on Wednesday, November 8, the CEO said that Booth Level Officers (BLO) would distribute the slips only to registered voters.

During the meeting, Vikas Raj said that the last date for filing nominations has almost arrived (November 10) following which the papers will be scrutinised by the Returning Officers (RO) concerned.

“At the time of scrutiny, four persons will be allowed with each candidate, which includes the candidate, their election agent, one proposer and one other person duly authorised in writing by the candidate,” said Vikas.

Briefing about the withdrawal of nominations, the CEO said that the candidates or their proposers should submit their withdrawal to the RO.

He added that the list of star campaigners should be submitted within seven days from the date of notification for the election.

Additionally, the CEO asked all the political parties to submit three copies of the manifesto in English and Telugu languages to his office within three days. He also asked for a declaration that the programme, policies and promises made therein align with the rules.

10,760 permissions given via Suvidha Portal

The Suvidha Portal, which facilitates the convenience facilitates businessmen to get all kinds of registrations and submit returns has so far given out 10,760 permissions.

Referring to pre-certification of advertisements, Vikas Raj said that registered National and state political parties along with every candidate must apply for certification of political advertisement not more than three days before the date of the proposed commencement of the telecast of the advertisement.

“In the case of any other person or unregistered political parties, it should not be more than 7 days before the date of the telecast. So far, 36 approvals have been given at the state level,” the CEO added.

3205 complaints received via cVIGIL

So far, as many as 3,205 complaints have been received through the ‘cVIGIL app’ where 1961 cases among them were found correct by ROs.

The CEO further advised citizens to make use of the ‘cVIGIL app’ to bring violations of MCC to the notice of the Election Commission.

The majority of cases that were received involved fixing banners and posters without permission, followed by money distribution, gifts/coupons distribution and others (1,060).

Children to be kept out of poll activities

The Telangana State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (TSCPCR) has reiterated earlier directions issued by the ECI to ensure that political parties and election officials do not involve children in any election-related process or activity.

On November 6, the TSCPCR wrote to all the District Election Officers (DEOs) to adhere to the ECI directives concerning the involvement of children.

Telangana will go for polling on November 30 while the counting of votes is scheduled for December 3.