Doctors warn of surge in male infertility rates in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Unlike in the past, when it was mostly women facing difficulties in getting pregnant, nowadays both men and women are equally struggling with a rise in infertility rates in Hyderabad.

The Genome Foundation, a group based in the city, has raised concerns about an increasing number of couples struggling to conceive due to infertility.

During a press meeting on Friday, Genome Foundation MD K.P.C. Gandhi, along with experts from various medical centers, including Suma from Prasad Hospitals, V. Sandhya from Osmania University, Krishna Chaitanya from Oasis Infertility Centre, and Vasundhara, a gynecologist from KIMS Hospitals, discussed the growing problem.

They highlighted that factors such as fast lifestyle changes and pollution are making it more challenging for men to father children. Additionally, chemicals in everyday products and detrimental habits like smoking and drinking are hindering couples’ ability to conceive.

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They emphasized that adopting healthier lifestyle choices, such as maintaining a balanced diet, ensuring adequate sleep, staying physically active, and managing weight, can significantly enhance the chances of successfully having a baby.

The experts encouraged individuals facing fertility issues to seek assistance from doctors. The city boasts excellent hospitals with expert professionals who can guide and support couples through this journey.