During Ramzan, NRIs from Hyderabad seek partners for marriages

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Hyderabad: During the holy month of Ramzan, many NRIs, especially those from Hyderabad, actively search for life partners for marriages.

Though most of them don’t marry during the holy month, they try to finalize the matrimonial alliance so that marriage can be performed immediately after Ramzan.

Why do NRIs from Hyderabad increase their search during Ramzan?

During Ramzan, several NRIs from Hyderabad increase their search for life partners for marriages as most of them prefer a life partner from the city. Either they or their parents will visit the hometown to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, providing them with the best opportunity to finalize the alliance back in the home city.

Since marriage holds significance in Islam, families also prioritize finding the right life partner for their daughters and sons during Ramzan. Many successful matrimonial alliances have been finalized through online portals so far.

Siasat Matri, known for providing the best matrimonial services by analyzing the expectations of prospective brides and grooms, can assist people in completing their journey of finding a life partner.

The dedicated team at Siasat Matri not only suggests the right matrimonial life partner but also provides access to a database of thousands of profiles of prospective brides and grooms from around the world. The video matrimonial series enhances profile exposure, making it possible to find a life partner within a month.

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Is nikah permissible in Ramzan?

Many people including Hyderabad residents are unclear about whether performing nikah (marriage) during the month of Ramzan is permissible in Islam.

Islam, which regards marriage as an auspicious occasion in everyone’s life, does not forbid anyone from performing nikah during Ramzan.

However, it is obligatory for the newlywed couple to refrain from all activities that could violate the sanctity of the holy month.

Since there is often a risk of the newlywed couple engaging in activities that are not permitted during fasting, several religious scholars suggest postponing the marriage if possible. However, Islam does not prohibit marriage during Ramzan.

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