E-passport to be launched in next few months: Dr Ausaf Sayeed

Hyderabad:  Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, Secretary for Consular, Passport, Visa and Overseas Affairs on Wednesday said that the Government will launch e-passport either by the end of the current year or at the beginning of next year.

Speaking to the media persons, Dr Sayeed said that the e-passport system is ready to be launched. Elaborating on the features of the e-passport, he said that the particulars of an applicant will be digitally stored in an electronic chip embedded in the passport booklet with advanced security features. The chip will be readable with a machine and nobody can tamper with the data. 

Dr. Sayeed said that the passports will be designed as per the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization and will be of great benefit to Indians. Dr Sayeed said that the existing booklet passports will also continue.

Dr Sayeed met Telangana’s chief secretary, Somesh Kumar and DGP, Mahender Reddy to discuss the migration-related issues. “We discussed lawful migration facilities being offered to people going abroad under Videsh Sampark programme. Many countries are in need of skills. The MEA is working with state governments to provide that skill training”, Dr. Sayeed said.

“The MEA is encouraging people to find jobs abroad and has even signed agreements with 12 European countries. Currently, over 32 million Indian people working abroad, Dr Sayeed said.