Eatala Rajender mocks KCR comment on alien hand behind floods

Hyderabad: Former minister and BJP MLA Eatala Rajender today mocked the comments of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, who doubted that there was a foreign conspiracy behind the recent floods in Telangana.

Countering the comments of the CM, Etala said KCR must have made the comments after

losing his senses. He advised the CM to not make such comments as he is holding a responsible position in the State. He asked the CM as to how a foreign conspiracy would be behind the recent floods? He reminded the CM that schemes like Cloud seeding program held in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh to prevent drought did not yield any result in the past.

Commenting on the fielding of a tribal woman leader Draupadi Murmu by BJP government, Etala said a tribal woman leader was going to become the President of the country and the appointment of Murmu as the tribal President would be a matter of pride for all the countrymen. Targeting the State government, he alleged that it had failed to keep its promise over the provision of reservations to the tribals in the State. He said their party would form the next government in the State and added that they would provide 9 percent reservations to the tribals from the hands of the next president Draupadi Murmu.

Stating that non-NDA parties are also extending their support to Murmu, he asked the tribals to understand the attitude of KCR towards them at least now.