Economic Offences Wing of Cyberabad Police to function as independent PS

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate dealing with financial crimes, will soon transition to a fully operational police station, capable of registering FIRs independently.

Under the current setup, the EOW undertakes investigations directed from other police stations upon recommendation by the zone’s DCP or as allocated by the CP based on case significance.

However, Cyberabad’s Commissioner of Police (CP), Avinash Mohanty has initiated steps to streamline the process, seeking the designation of a dedicated court for the EOW.

This move aims to empower the EOW to function autonomously, akin to a regular police station. Upon acquiring its own police station, the EOW will gain the authority to directly register cases, file FIRs, and conduct investigations.

However, the transition awaits the assignment of a dedicated court to adjudicate economic offense cases. CP Mohanty’s correspondence with the district court seeks approval for this crucial step, paving the way for operational commencement.

While awaiting court orders, the police highlight the need for defining the scope of cases admissible at the EOW police station.

As the authorities await procedural clarifications, more details regarding the operational framework and jurisdiction of the EOW police station will be unveiled in the forthcoming days, marking a significant stride in combating financial crimes in the region.

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