Essential commodities prices spiraling due to daily fuel price hike: Wholesale traders

Hyderabad: The impact of daily fuel price hike is spiraling the costs of vegetables, fruits, and other essential commodities which is making the life of a common man more difficult.

The wholesale traders say that due to the daily petrol and diesel price hike, no price control mechanism is working in the country.  The price of fuel is directly impacting the transportation costs which in turn lead to the increase in the cost of essential commodities, fruits, and vegetables.

The traders say that many times the customers take the price list of essential commodities and come to shop for them a week later.  The price increase during that period embarrasses them before their customers.  

The vegetable vendors are also worried over the ever-increasing fuel prices as they bring the vegetables from the rural areas to sell in the City. The daily fuel price hike cuts their margin.