Evict parking lot near OGH, landfills on banks of Musi: Activist to Telangana HC

Hyderabad: Prominent economist and activist Lubna Sarwat has appealed to Telangana High Court to set up an ‘Ecological Heritage Bench’ for Hyderabad.

She further appealed to the chief justice of HC for the eviction of the landfill concretized on the southern bank of Musi River and parking opposite Osmania General Hospital.

In a video alongside the appeal, Sarwat demonstrates how the river is compromised by the concretization of the Musi River right opposite the HC and OGH. The video shows satellite imagery from Google Earth of the development in the area over the years.

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“The very purpose of the construction of public welfare institutions on the banks of the river Musi to prevent encroachments inside the river stands defeated by the state itself manufacturing land inside the river,” stated Lubna.

“In light of the utter disrespect and invasion of the space and integrity of River Musi and thousands of water bodies in Hyderabad and Telangana, this is an appeal for prompt setting up of exclusive bench for day to day hearings of Ecological Heritage that we are losing by the minute,” the activist added.

This appeal aims at saving lives and human dignity, as the standards of lives are jeopardized due to polluted encroached and compromised natural resources.