Experience first houseboat ride near Hyderabad, details inside

Hyderabad: Depression, hectic job schedules, family and other social pressures are what have influenced everyone subconsciously in contemporary times. Alas! But what can we do? The bad effects of technology and globalisation have impacted the lives of everyone in such a way that it has become an uphill task for every human being to live a simple and satisfied life. There might be various reasons for this and the fact is that we are bound to go with the flow but your mind deserves to rest now for a while so that you can lead a healthy personal and professional life.

Yes! You deserve inner peace at least for a while otherwise everyday hectic schedules could prove to be lethal for you.

It is a universal truth that only natural places could make everyone happy and finding such places and then taking a break from everyday routine is another challenge. Don’t google…Just keep reading this write-up, and you will find the best place which is perfect for your staycation near Hyderabad. We will tell you about one of the best places near the city which are of aesthetic value and help you get refreshed.

If you are looking for a quick escape from the chaos of city life, then consider this ‘first’ ever houseboat experience at the Wilderness Resort located around 90 km away from the heart of the city near Anantangiri Hills, Vikarabad. The houseboat at the resort will make you feel like you are somewhere in Alleppey or in an indigenous village where there is no pollution at all and the roofs of small homes are made of hay.

A video of the houseboat, shared by one of the travel bloggers of Hyderabad, Rahul Rocky, is going viral on Instagram. You don’t need to ponder whether you can take a memorable breather from the hustle and bustle of the city as the reel can give you a perfect idea of how fruitful it would be to come for the meditation of your mind here.

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In the video, you can see the houseboat roof is made of bamboo sticks and dry coconut and other plant leaves. The boat seems like a hut from far but when you reach nearby, you will develop the infatuation to ride it as it seems like the Kashmiri houseboats which are found in Dal Lake. The boat has a fully functional bedroom, a kind of veranda, a small viewpoint and other amenities.

Sharing his experience exclusively with Siasat.com, Rahul said, “My experience was really amazing and I had an incredible time at the lake, surrounded by fresh air and a serene atmosphere. The boat offered an array of amenities, including a TV, comfortable sofa, bean bag, refrigerator, and a cosy double bed. The added convenience of having a washroom on board was a definite plus point. The boat stayed in constant motion throughout the trip.”

He further said, “The idea of staying on a boat is a dream for many, traditionally requiring travel to destinations like Kerala or Kashmir. However, with the introduction of this concept by Wilderness Retreat in Telangana, we can now experience it here itself.”

“It is truly an ideal experience for couples seeking a romantic getaway,” he shared.

Houseboat Prices:

  • Weekdays –18k + taxes
  • Weekend — 20k + taxes for 2 ppl (breakfast included)

Let the gentle sway of the houseboat lull you into a state of complete relaxation, as you disconnect from your everyday worries!