Expired stocks found during raid at famous bakery in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The task force of the Food Safety Department in Telangana conducted raids on Saturday at a famous bakery and an ice cream parlor located at Moazzam Jahi Market area, Hyderabad.

During the inspections, violations were found.

Expired stocks found at bakery in Hyderabad

At Karchi Bakery, the task force discovered expired stocks of rusks, biscuits, candy, chocolate cakes, toasts, and buns worth Rs. 5200.

The inspection revealed violations of FSSAI regulations as the dates were not displayed on pastries and cakes. Moreover, multiple unlabeled products were found.

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Fake brand water bottles found at ice cream parlor in Hyderabad

In a separate inspection, a task force team found fake brand water bottles at Bilal Ice Cream parlor.

It was also discovered that the outlet and its manufacturing unit had been operating without any valid license/registration.

Due to these violations, the department decided to take action against the ice cream parlor and served notice.

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