Faiz-e-Aam trust and EAF to start business step-up for disabled

Disabled are not those who cannot walk with their feet, cannot work for their hands, cannot speak with their tongue, cannot see or cannot hear with their ears, but disabled are those who don’t work and also who shy away from doing work. Disabled are those who pass their time and tell different reasons for not doing any work and keep an eye on other peoples pockets. By telling lies to their relatives, friends and other known persons, they take some financial help. If a person has a strong self-belief that even if he is disabled but with his strong desire and commitment, he will work hard and make a name for himself, then the society will also appreciate him. These were the society experts’ views at Star School A.C.Guards in a function specially organized by the trust. This meeting was organized by Faiz Aam Trust in collaboration with Equally Able Foundation. The disabled men and women got to know the opportunities being provided by the trust to start their own business.

Siasat, Faiz-e-Aam, Equally Able Foundation help set up businesses for handicapped persons

We have to remember foundation President Muhammad Yousuf had taken up the initiative to uplift the disabled persons. Muhammad Yousuf who hails from America is of Hyderabad origin. He was polio-affected at the age of two and was unable to walk. He first went to school at the age of 12, and with his strong belief and desire, he completed Electronics and Communications Engineering and did his Masters from Computers Engineering. Presently, he is the head of a topmost Intelligent Transportation System, and he is being considered to be one the best in his field in the world. His EAF has taken up the initiative to uplift a million disabled people globally to not depend on other people and become self-reliant in society.

Meanwhile, today Faiz Aam Trust and EAF pledged support to 15 disabled persons to start their own business or income. On this occasion, Faiz Aam Trust Secretary Janab Iftekar Hussain, Managing Editor of SIASAT Daily Janab Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Prof. Dr S.A.Shukoor, Dr Shaukat Ali Mirza, Prof. Amer Ali Khan, Janab Anees Hussain Faiz Aam Trust member, Rizwan Haider, Dr Makdoom Mohiuddin, Syed Haider Ali, Ali Hyder Amer, Prof.Anwar Khan, Karar Ahmed Taher, Mrs Farhath Yasmeen, Mrs Mirwath Hussain and others were present to grace the occasion. Janab Rizwan Haider expressed the views of Engineer Muhammad Yousuf. Taqi Askari hosted the occasion.

In today’s meeting, provided three disabled persons with slippers shop on a wooden cart, one girl received a chair and a laptop, two persons, received a Kirana and confectionery items, two ladies received female saleable items, two accepted children saleable items, one person received male saleable items, and one person got a tea stall so that they can start their own business and support their respective families. In this programme, rain-affected people were also benefitted with relief kits, and some were encouraged to start onion selling business.

This way up to 5.5-6 lakh rupees benefits were distributed to disabled and needy people. There were many emotional scenes to be seen during the occasion. It has to be noted that FAIZ AAM TRUST had helped Muhammad Yousuf a lot and encouraged him immensely, which has resulted that Muhammad Yousuf has become a helping hand for others. In the end, Mirwath Hussain thanked all.