Faiz-e-aam trust engages in encouraging students: Iftekhar Hussain

Hyderabad: The Secretary Faiz-e-aam trust Iftekhar Hussain shed light on the activities of the trust and said that the trust was set up in 1982 and one of its branches is operating in Hyderabad by financially helping the poor and needy students of all age.

Addressing the fourth session of the trust, the secretary introduced to the audience the Trust Chairperson Faraq Pravin Jamal, Trustees Siraj Ahmed Tahir, Farhat Yasmin, Rizwan Haider and Member of the Management Committee Syed Haider Ali.

The main object of the trust is to help educate the poor boys and girls students. Due to the stark poverty, the students are more inclined to help their households rather than continue their education.

“The trust not only helps the students financially but it also adopts some of the bright and deserving students,” Iftekhar Hussain said.

The trust secretary spoke highly about the Siasat daily’s role in welfare activities. “Faiz-e-aam Trust is working shoulder to shoulder with Siasat in helping the poor and destitute people,” Hussain said.

Some of the ex-students who benefited from the scholarships given by the trust also addressed the gatherings. They described “Faiz-e-aam” not only as a trust but as a family for the poor and needy persons.