Fake Baba and his son arrested for raping two sisters in old city

Hyderabad: The Chandrayangutta police have arrested two persons allegedly indulging in black magic and sexually exploiting two women from old city.

Syed Hasan Askari, a faith healer and his son Syed Afroz allegedly trapped two women from Bandlaguda area of old city in the pretext of curing certain illness and remove bad omens from their mother. Since she was cured from ill health, the women developed faith in Hasan Askari.

The Victim was earlier residening at Kishanbagh, Hyderabad. In the year 2005 Victim’s uncle introduced A1, who is a faith healer, to as her Mother was not well. A1 used black magic on her and her mother got cured from ill-health and since then they had great faith in him, as and when any a problem occured they used to approach him for treatment.

In year 2016 victim got divorced from her husband Askari told the victim that her husband had evil influence on her body. The accused made her family to believe that there is (bad omen) in their own house, which would cause harm to lives, and made them to vacate the house.

As a result they moved to a rented house at Ghouse Nagar, Bandlaguda Hyderabad. Subsequently on some pretext he made the two victims to sell their house and took away the money.

“Hasan Askari used to chant some mantras, put lemons around her, and subsequently induce her into hypnotism and under delusion she used to obey him. He then used to commit rape on her” said K N Prasad Varma Inspector Chandrayangutta police station. In the pretext of removing the evil from her body both father and son committed rape on one woman and also threatened another of dire consequences.