Fire safety goes for a toss in most Hyderabad markets

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The massive blaze in Tolichowki on Friday, March 15, has drawn attention to many other some busy markets in Hyderabad that are vulnerable to fire mishaps. Traders are not following the precautionary measures laid down by the fire department.

The fire department protocols make it mandatory for the shops to keep small fire-fighting equipment to swiftly respond and control fire at the initial stage. The traders are not following the rule and because of no inspections of the shops, the violation became a norm at the risk of the customers and common public.

The fire safety protocols are not followed by the traders running independent shops in the market and stocking combustible material. There are no measures like keeping a fire extinguisher, water barrels, sand buckets etc.

The Bangladesh market, Musheerabad, Patel market, Pathergatti, Devan Dewdi, Madina Building, New Laad Bazaar, and Old Laad Bazaar are glaring examples. Scores of people come to these markets to shop and there are no fire safety measures there although the shop keepers run the shop till late night in Ramzan.

The waste paper, cardboard boxes, and clothes are thrown in front of the shops. Due to the carelessness of some people, if the discarded material catches fire, it will spread to the shops. Due to the huge stock of clothes, footwear, and plastic material in the shops the fire may spread rapidly.

The fire department should take steps to strictly enforce the rules and see shopkeepers implement fire safety protocols at the establishments.

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