Focus on job demand in newer countries as the Gulf market is drying up, says Ausaf Sayeed

Hyderabad: Dr Ausaf Sayeed, Secretary at the Ministry of External Affairs, underscored the need to multiply the capacity building of people so as to equip them with talents that are in demand in international employment market.

Speaking at Dr MCR HRD Institute in Hyderabad on Thursday Dr Sayeed revealed that about 9 million Indians are working in the Gulf, most of them in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But the job market there is drying up.  Therefore, this is the time to wake up and search for new employment pastures.

He, however, did not say which other countries would be willing to absorb the Indian workforce
The six Gulf States, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, employed millions of Indians, mostly from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana beginning in 1970.  The boom in the job market is slowly slumping owing to the focus of the local governments to hire their own citizens along with the completion of numerous infrastructure projects.

Keeping the changing situation in mind, Dr Sayeed said, the Ministry of External Affairs is entering into Memoranda of Understanding with a number of developed countries in order to provide newer employment opportunities to the high-end skilled manpower.

Dr Sayeed said that the Ministry of External Affairs is sponsoring training programmes through its ITEC Division, for the benefit of its Partner Countries. He said that proposal is under active consideration of the MEA to empanel MCR HRD Institute to conduct training programmes. The objective would also be to use its services in the delivery of the programmes for the Trainee IFS Officers and for the Mid-Service Training Programmes for the serving diplomats both from within the country and abroad.

Bramha Kumar, Joint Secretary (OE & PGE), Ministry of External Affairs, Dasari Balaiah, IRS (C & CE), Regional Passport Officer, Hyderabad, and Senior Officers from the Ministry of External Affairs accompanied Dr Sayeed to the MCR HRD Institute.

Benhur Mahesh Dutt Ekka, DG, MCR HRD Institute and Principal Secretary to Government of Telangana, said that Institute enjoys the distinction of conducting the Foundation Course for All India Services and Central Civil Services Officers.