Food safety dept raids bars, hotel at at Lakdikapul; violations found

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: A series of raids were conducted by the Task Force team of GHMC’s food safety department on Saturday, June 1, at various bars and restaurants in Lakdikapul. 

Hotel Ashoka, specifically its Kitchen of Moonlight Bar, was found violating several food safety standards. 

The team discovered expired Chicken Leg Boneless (5 kg), Liquid Caramel Color, and Green Gram Dal (10 kg), which were infested with black beetles. These items were immediately discarded on the spot.

Additionally, 24 packets of cashews were seized due to non-compliance with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) labeling regulations. The inspection also uncovered a cockroach infestation near the red meat storage area, posing further contamination risks.

On a positive note, the inspection found that semi-prepared food articles inside the refrigerator were properly covered and labeled, and dustbins were kept closed with lids. Hotel Ashoka’s food handlers possessed valid medical fitness certificates, and pest control records were up-to-date. The hotel’s FSSAI license was also prominently displayed.

A notice has been issued under the FSSAI Act due to the severe lapses observed. 

Hydrate – The Bar

In another inspection in Hydrate-The Bar, the team discovered expired food articles, including chilled chicken wings (10 kg), amul peanut spread (0.9 kg), and pasta/macaroni (5 kg), were found within the kitchen premises and promptly discarded them. 

They also seized four units of BBQ sauce due to the absence of importer labels, which is a violation of food safety regulations. Furthermore, the inspection uncovered unsatisfactory sanitation practices, with dustbins found open without proper lids, raising concerns about contamination.

The team also observed the absence of medical fitness certificates for food handlers.

Though semi-prepared food articles stored in the refrigerator were covered, they lacked proper labeling, potentially leading to confusion or misidentification of contents. Additionally, The Bar failed to display a true copy of their Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license at the premises, a mandatory requirement for food establishments.

On a positive note, the establishment had maintained records of pest control activities and water analysis reports for the RO water used in cooking, demonstrating some adherence to regulatory standards.

In response to these violations, a notice has been issued under the FSSAI Act.

Hotel New Fishland

Continuing the sting of raids, authorities further discovered a host of violations at a prominent eatery, Hotel New Fishland.

The inspection uncovered a rat infestation within the kitchen premises, with live rodents freely roaming over floors and even in exhaust vents. Subsequently, there were no rat traps in place to address the issue.

Further inspection revealed the presence of synthetic food colors in the kitchen, which were promptly discarded. Additionally, dustbins were found uncovered, failing to comply with basic sanitation standards.

In a grave lapse, the food establishment lacked essential documentation, including medical fitness certificates for its staff and records of pest control measures. Semi-prepared food items stored in refrigerators were left uncovered and unlabeled.

The restaurant also failed to display its FSSAI license. In response to these violations, authorities have issued a notice under the FSSAI Act.

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