Four arrested in Cyberabad drug trafficking cases

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Four people were arrested in two different drug trafficking cases by the Cyberabad police on Thursday. The police seized 5 grams of MDMA from them.

In Kukatpally, the Special Operations Team (SOT) seized 4 grams of MDMA from two fashion designers, Nilesh Reddy, 26, and K. Rajasekhar Reddy, 22. Both of them were getting the drugs from Bengaluru with the help of their friend Prem Sai, said the police.

Sai is currently absconding while Nilesh Reddy and Rajasekhar Reddy have been arrested.

In Jagathgirigutta, two people, Tilak Singh and Akhil Shiva, were reportedly getting drugs from Rohith, a resident of Vijayawada. Rohith was purchasing the drugs from Bengaluru and supplying them to Tilak and Shiva, which the police eventually found out, leading to their arrest.

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