Gandhi Hospital superintendent urges people to stay in their homes

Hyderabad: In view of the surge in COVID-19 cases, Gandhi hospital superintendent Dr. Raja Rao on Saturday urged the residents of the city to not venture out of their houses.

Superintendent told them that they should not go to hospitals unless it was needed.

He said the power to contain the spread of the virus lies in the hands of the people of the city and the state.

Warning the people that the virus might infect if they visited the hospitals in an unnecessary manner. Citing that there is no scope for the imposition of lockdown in the state , he said that the people should impose self lockdown in the state.

He said that they had admitted 150 people into the hospital on Friday alone and added that the hospital had only 350 beds,making it clear that all the patients admitted by them were in the need of ICU treatment and added that they had adjusted the beds by working hard till night.

Dr.Rao raised his concerns that it would become very difficult for them to adjust the beds if the situation continued in the same manner stating that they had 1450 beds with oxygen facility and added that they still needed ICU beds although they have oxygen beds.

The rate of infection of the Covid 19 virus is very high in the state.