GHMC gives top priority to facilitate signal-free transport system

Hyderabad: In order to facilitate to the citizens with signal-free transport system, the GHMC was giving top priority in providing required infrastructure, through SRDP. GHMC undertook various infrastructure developmental works like construction of fly overs, ROBs, underpass roads, slip roads and go on. These works are being completed in a phased manner and most of them are opened for public.

Similarly, under SRDP, construction of flyover at Nagole was undertaken and it is in finishing stage. Once it is brought in use, it will be easy for the traffic to travel from L.B.Nagar to Uppal and from there towards Yadadri Bhongir and Warangal. Similarly, it will be easy to travel towards Secunderabad, ECIL.

The GHMC undertaken 41 various types of works and through R&B, HMDA and N.H., another six works were undertaken making 47 as whole. Out of 47 works, 31 works are completed so far, among them three are from other departments. So far, 17 works are completed under SRDP and opened for public, out of which seven ROBs and five Under pass bridges.

For construction of Nagole Bridge, for land acquisition, utility shifting expenditure, the GHMC incurred Rs 143.58 crore, for construction of 990 meters of flyover corridor civil work was Rs 69 crore. The width of two-way flyover is 24 meters, six-lane bi-direction carriage way. With 23 pillars and 22 spans length of 600 meters via-duct position and 300 meters approach length Reinforced Earth (R.E) wall was constructed.