GHMC implements anti-dengue measures across Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) announced on Friday, the launch of a comprehensive anti-dengue campaign across 4,846 colonies in the city. Regular anti-larval measures will be implemented in all dengue-identified areas to combat the mosquito-borne disease effectively.

In a detailed plan, GHMC officials stated that each Entomology worker would cover three colonies over six days, ensuring that all 4,846 colonies receive attention within a week. Worker-wise proceedings have been issued at the zonal level, with weekly anti-larval operations to be conducted as per a precise pinpoint programme.

The campaign will also include fogging activities and Pyrethrum spraying in necessary localities. A month-wise health calendar has been prepared, outlining activities aligned with seasonal needs and coordinated with all relevant departments.

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To further support the initiative, fever surveys and health camps will be conducted in hotspot colonies in collaboration with the medical and health departments. Additionally, ward-level systems have been established to streamline anti-larval operations (ALO), fogging, indoor residual spraying (IRS), and Pyrethrum spraying from house to house in all wards.

The GHMC will also address water hyacinth removal and maintenance of 175 lakes within its jurisdiction. To mitigate the mosquito menace in lakes and the Musi River, drones will be deployed in all identified colonies. Each ward will be allocated one Entomology Field Assistant (EFA) to oversee these efforts. Furthermore, six Floating Trash Collectors (FTCs) have been procured, one for each zone.

Residents are encouraged to report any mosquito-related grievances through various channels, including the GHMC online platform, the My GHMC App, emails, Twitter, and general public and corporator feedback.

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