GHMC plans to beautify lakes: Hyderabad mayor

Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) plans to restore and beautify six lakes in the city with walking tracks set to come up beside the lakes.

On the instructions of the Municipal and Urban Development Minister K.Tarakarama Rao, the Mayor of Hyderabad G.Vijayalakshmi inspected the lakes situated in Qutubullahpur area.

The mayor also inspected the Taj Banjara lake located in the Khairatabad zone giving instructions to the officials to clean the lake and directing them to come up with plans to build walking tracks besides it.

Hyderabad Mayor directed the officials to draw guidelines to safeguard and beautify the lakes. She further instructed the officials to submit the plans for the restoration and beautification of the lakes which she would present it to the state government for approval.

After getting the requisite approval and the required funds from the Department of Municipal and Urban Development, the GHMC plans to beautify the lakes situated around the Qutubullahpur area and build walking tracks besides them.