GHMC releases list of commercial stretches in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), on Monday, released a list of new 118 roads that have been marked as commercial stretches.

An impact fee will be applied to the outlets running their establishments on the earmarked commercial stretches and the money will be deposited in the Strategic Nala Development (SNDP) escrow account.

GHMC will not levy the impact fee where the site is a part of the commercial belt or already earmarked for commercial use in the master plan. The impact fee for a building that has only one floor or less (only ground floor) is six percent or Rs 300 per sqft. For the structure with more than one floor, three percent or Rs, 150 per sqft impact fee will be applicable.

For hospitals and schools that operate in G+I buildings, the impact fee is two percent or Rs 100 per sqft. If the establishment is operating from a multi-storied building, the fee is one percent or Rs 50 per sqft.