Golconda’s rare 3.05 carat diamond may fetch over US $1,50,000 in USA auction

Hyderabad: One of the rarest and antique 3.05 carat Golconda diamond currently in New York is up for sale through an auction next month.  It is expected that the pear-shaped diamond may fetch Rs.1.5 crore or more.

The New York’s famous Fortuna Auction House which will hold its auction in March described it as one of the Golconda’s antique and rare diamonds.  The Golconda diamonds are famous for their extraordinary colors and purity.  Fortuna listed this rare gem in its auction catalog as “type HaD 3.05-carat diamond ring at an auction price of US$ 1,50,000 to 2,00,000.  The type “Ha” diamonds of Golconda mines are known for their special fluorescence and attractiveness.  It does not contain Nitrogen atoms which are considered as impurities rendering the color of the diamonds as yellow.  Hence the type “Ha” diamonds are considered as rare and antique and seldom brought in the market for sale.   

In its history, Fortuna – which is a New York-based auction house with a specialty in fine antique diamonds and jewelry –  sold only three “ha” type diamonds so far.

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a 17th Century French Gem Merchant, and traveler who traveled six times to India to take antique and rare gems to Europe, wrote in his memoirs, “Golconda, which has 23 mines, is famous for diamond trade.  The Portuguese and British come here to purchase diamonds and jewelry to take it to England, Holland, and Jakarta and elsewhere.”  

Kohinoor, which is presently embedded in the crown of the British Queen is another world-famous diamond from Golconda.