Google Maps to provide more accurate routes in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Traffic Police has entered into an understanding with Google to provide maps of accurate routes in the city. The understanding will help commutators in avoiding routes that are closed due to some reason.

In order to provide accurate routes to commutators, Google provided an app to the traffic police. Using the app, cops can provide information about closed roads, diversion, waterlogging, etc.

After receiving the information, Google Maps will block the routes that are not available for the commutators and suggests another best alternative route.

Earlier, the cops used to inform Google about the traffic diversion, closed routes, etc., a day in advance. Despite sending the information, all the requests were not responded to due to time constraints.

The new app will enable the cops to provide information about the routes in the city and the same will be updated immediately on Google Maps.

The initiative will only help cab drivers, delivery boys, and others who rely on Google Maps for traveling in the city.