Govt appoints Special Commissioner for lake preservation

Hyderabad: The Telangana government on Monday announced that it has taken a decision to appoint a Special Commissioner for protection of the city’s 185 lakes in accordance with the provisions of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Commissioner (GHMC) act.

According to the Government Order (GO), the terms of reference and job charter of the Special Commissioner will be prepare a master plan for each of the water bodies or lakes, which will be lake specific duly taking into consideration the full tank level (FTL), buffer and green zone. The GO stated that this is being done to scientifically manage the sewerage and constructions of SPTs and flow/diversion of treated water.

The duty of the Special Commissioner will also be to prevent further encroachments in the full tank level (FTL) or buffer in all such water bodies and to initiate relief and rehabilitation for all dwellers within FTL/ buffer. The Special Commissioner will also be responsible to protect and strengthen the bunds and ensure that outfall sluices etc., work properly.

Furthermore, the GO stated that the Special Commissioner for lakes will also take up beautification of lake precincts and take up green covering buffer areas. Additionally, the officer will also form protection committees lake wise and ensure that those meet regularly.

Finally, the GO added that the Special Commissioner will take up cleaning of lakes on a regular basis to ensure that lakes remain free from water hyacinth, and other materials.