Govt attitude towards JPS unconstitutional: Praveen Kumar

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) State president RS Praveen Kumar on Saturday termed the attitude of the BRS government towards agitating Junior Panchayat Secretaries (JPS) as unconstitutional. He alleged that CM KCR was acting as a dictator towards the JPS. He made it clear to the CM that it was not proper for him to show discrimination towards the JPS after making them work for four years.

Referring to the orders issued by the State government that they would hold a fresh recruitment of the JPS if the agitating JPS did not report to the duties by Saturday afternoon, he termed the orders as a cruel act. He said there was an urgent need to unseat the State government, which is playing with the lives of the youth of the State, on one hand while looting it on the other hand.

Referring to the suicide committed by a woman JPS Biari Soni in Warangal district, he called upon the representatives of all political parties to hold candle light rallies in all the villages in order to pay tribute to her soul. He also urged them to move forward with a slogan all for one and one for all in Telangana.

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