Govt may convert Charminar Dawakhana into COVID-19 hospital

Hyderabad: Charminar Dawakhana is one of the biggest hospitals in old city of Hyderabad with large number of beds. Currently, the hospital is treating asymptomatic COVID-19 patients. In critical cases these patients are being referred to the COVID-19 hospitals.

A doctor of Charminar Dawakhana, on the condition of anonymity, said that the hospital was converted into COVID-19 level 1 treatment center last March and senior Allopathy doctors were allotted to treat COVID-19 patients. Later on, it was turned into an Isolation center.

“Since the second wave of COVID-19 is much severe than the first one. The patients’ conditions deteriorating fast to require oxygen and ventilators,” said the doctor. “Tests are being carried out in this hospital. If any patient is found asymptomatic positive they are admitted in Dawakhana and treated. But if their condition is critical or if they require oxygen then they are being referred to COVID-19 Hospitals.”

The doctor further said, “Last year, the government provided basic facilities to Charminar Dawakhana for level 1 treatment. There were upto 250 beds. But now, there is no oxygen or ventilator beds here and the patients are being told to go to Covid hospitals.”

“A COVID-19 patient with light symptoms was admitted to hospital. Later he was facing breathing problems as his oxygen saturation level was dipping fast. Since there was no oxygen facility here, he was rushed immediately to a COVID-19 hospital,” the doctor said narrating a recent incident.

The state government is taking measures to increase medical facilities across the city and the state. A decision has been taken in this regard to make use of the old hospitals of the city.

However, the state government has not converted the Nizamia General Hospital or Charminar Dawakhana, as it is popularly known, as a full-fledged COVID-19 hospital as it lacks oxygen facility.

While the state government is converting the function halls and the area community centers as temporary COVID-19 healthcare centers, it is unfathomable why the state government is not adding oxygen facility to Charminar Dawakhana and converting it into a full-time COVID-19 care hospital.