Gulab Jamun Bhajji: Hyderabadis cringe at this dish, now in HITECH

Hyderabadis love their food and their Irani chai. Nothing can separate them from their aromatic biryani or rich haleem or the perfect baingan soaked with peanuts, tamarind and sesame seeds or kebabs. Their desserts contain the lip-smacking khubani ka meetha or delicious firni or the shahi tukda.

Mouth-watering? Feeling hungry? Well, here’s something to kill your appetite.

Because we do not deserve happiness.

There are some in the city hell-bent on creating weird food combinations, in the name of getting famous, killing our appetite and challenging the human digestive system.

The latest to come is Gulab Jamun Bhajji.

We witness how the gulab jamun is butchered. Named Rajamundry this dish is now available in apna sheher Hyderabad.

This dish was created at Srinivasa Mixture Point, near Hitech Metro Station Pillar no C1778, and food blogger foodie_konkan was brave enough to taste it.

The bhajji is made by first deep frying the basin-soaked gulab jamuns. It is then cut into half. After that, a mixture predominantly containing onions is mounted on it, followed by a few masalas and peanuts.

Et Voila! Ready to serve.

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The food blogger records herself biting into the dish. And going by her facial expression, we wonder if she regretted her decision.

Here are a few reactions from Instagram users:

Wait a minute, don’t cringe, because we have more.

Another video has surfaced on the internet where gulab jamun is cooked in the form of a burger.

The video belongs to a food blogger named nidamalik3580.

The vendor takes a bun, cuts it into two halves, inserts a Gulab Jamun and then fries it. We can see the food blogger having a bite but unfortunately, we do not know how she reacts as the video cuts off. We can only wonder.

We wish and pray that people leave gulab jamuns in their natural state. They are made to make us happy and not want to puke one’s guts out!