‘Haleem Chicken 65 Bun’, a new Ramzan dish hits Hyderabad

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During the holy month of Ramzan, Hyderabad transforms into a food lover’s paradise, where the air is filled with the irresistible aroma of Iftar delicacies. While the city is renowned for its culinary delights year-round, Ramzan takes it to a whole new level, offering a double dose of treats for food enthusiasts. Among the familiar favourites like Haleem and kebabs, there’s a new sensation in town — the ‘Haleem Chicken 65 Bun’. This unique fusion dish has become the talk of the town this Ramzan season.

What is Haleem Chicken 65 Bun?

This culinary creation features a fluffy bun filled with Hyderabadi-style Mutton Haleem and Spicy Chicken 65.

Glimpse Of Haleem Bun (Image Source: Special Arrangements)

Behind The Innovation: Insights From Bakelore’s Co-founder

What inspired you to create the unique dish ‘Haleem Chicken 65 Buns’ for this Ramzan season?

Speaking to Siasat.com, Muhammad Yusuf, co-founder and director at Bakelore, shared the inspiration behind introducing the unique dish for the Ramzan season. “Ramadan in Hyderabad is synonym to the inevitable frenzy around Haleem, so it was always there in back of my mind to give it a try to create a fusion. And I knew if it’s done well then certainly the curiosity among consumers is going to be phenomenal,” he said.

How has the response been from customers?

“Despite initial reservations about altering traditional favorites, the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with stocks running out daily due to high demand,” Yusuf stated.

What sets your ‘Haleem Chicken 65’ apart from other traditional Ramzan delicacies offered in Hyderabad?

The director said, “It’s one of its kind, never done before grab and go product where it’s easy for a consumer to relish a traditional delicacy in a fast food concept. Consumers who are into fast food such as burgers, sandwich, pizza’s and so on find ‘Haleem and chicken 65’ buns a perfect escape to fix their cravings with its unique flavour pallet. Ultimately taste is king, so ofcourse it’s our carefully curated recipe which sets us apart from the crowd.

Glimpse Of Haleem Bun (Image Source: Special Arrangements)

Hyderabadis’ Take On The Fusion

Hyderabadis have a discerning palate and a strong attachment to traditional cuisine. This viral Ramzan delicacy has been receiving mixed responses from the people of Hyderabad. Have a look at what Instagram users are commenting under popular food blogger Dr Foodie’s viral reel.

Hyderabadis usually don’t compromise on changes in the traditional foods, like Biryani and Haleem. What’s your take on this? Now that you have come up with this unique Haleem Bun fusion, what message would you like to give out to the foodies there?

“A very valid point! Certainly, Hyderabad is a difficult market to crack in India, I can vouch for the statement since I have worked pan India in my career and noticed Hyderabadis have an excellent palette to taste and flavours which can certainly not be compromised. At the inception of Bakelore, we had introduced chicken 65 buns which became an overnight success for its unique taste profile stuffed in our signature fluffy buns. This gave us an encouragement that if Haleem fusion done well then it will certainly have its takers.”

“Hyderabadis love their traditional items but they do embrace newer delicacies if done properly. Baklava rolls with custard sauce, the jewel of Arabian Dream cake are some the new offerings for Ramadan apart from Haleem and chicken 65 buns which has become an instant hit which proves the acceptance of newness along with tradition.”

Haleem Chicken 65 Bun Reviews

Dr. Foodie’s Verdict — He shared his review about Haleem Chicken 65 Bun calling it a ‘yumm treat for Ramzan’. ” I had it twice and it was really good,” he said.

Siasat.com’s Assessment — While acknowledging the appeal of the fusion dish, we noted a little dominance of the Chicken 65 flavour slightly overshadowing the Haleem. The taste was good and can be tried.


The Haleem Chicken 65 Bun is a testament to Hyderabad’s culinary creativity and willingness to blend tradition with innovation, offering food enthusiasts a unique experience.

Have you tried it? If yes, please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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