Handis of biryani washed away by rainwater, disappointing foodies in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Two handis (pots) of biryani could be seen floating in a waterlogged Hyderabad street after they were washed away by rainwater disappointing the foodies who were waiting to relish them.

A video doing the rounds on social media shows two Handis floating in Hyderabad’s waterlogged lanes. The streets are flooded owing to the incessant rainfall.

As per the video, it seems like the vessels belonged to the nearby restaurant, Adiba Hotel, and the person who ordered it would probably feel ditched and might hate downpours as it took away their food.

One twitter user shared the funny-cum-heartbreaking video, dated Friday, by captioning it as, “Somebody is going to be unhappy for not getting his biryani order. #Hyderabad #HyderabadRains.”

However, netizens were seen enjoying the fun video and have termed it as “the floating biryani”.

While a twitter user commented, “dum biryani ki aisi ki taisi..new hit is Tairti Biryani”, another person wondered if this was a new way of home delivery as he wrote, ” Is this the latest in home delivery!”

Meanwhile, the India Meteorological Department has predicted that fairly widespread/widespread rainfall with isolated heavy falls and thunderstorm/lightning is very likely over Telangana on August 3 and 4.