Harish Rao calls KCR a ‘genuine Hindu’

Hyderabad: Telangana’s finance and health Minister, T Harish Rao, has described Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) as the ‘genuine Hindu.’

He points to the construction of temples and the payment of salaries to priests in Telangana as evidence of KCR’s commitment to religion. In contrast, he accuses the BJP of using religion solely for political gain and sowing seeds of division among different sections of society.

After offering prayers at the Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple in Potlapally near Husnabad, Harish Rao announced a development project for the temple, estimating it would cost Rs 40 lakh.

He underlined the substantial investments made by the Telangana government in temple construction, such as the Yadadri Temple (Rs 1,200 crore) and the Kondagattu Temple (Rs 600 crore).

He also highlighted that KCR’s government pays salaries to priests and has increased the funding for lighting lamps in 10,000 temples.

Harish Rao believes that the BJP’s exploitation of religion for political purposes is divisive and harmful to society. He claims that the KCR government is focused on the welfare of all sections of society while respecting all religions.

Additionally, he criticized the Congress party for making promises it couldn’t fulfill in states where it is in power, suggesting that the people of Telangana should be cautious of similar unfulfilled promises if the Congress comes to power in the state.