Harish Rao cautions against demand to continue Hyderabad as dual capital

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Hyderabad: Siddipet MLA T Hairsh Rao said that since Hyderabad will cease to be a common capital between AP and Telangana from the coming July, some national parties were trying to raise the demand for the continuation of Hyderabad as the common capital for ten more years. He said that if BRS has its MPs in the parliament such an attempt could be stopped.

Cautioning that Revanth Reddy’s political roots were in TDP which is based in AP, Harish felt that the former couldn’t oppose any such move.

During a ‘meet the press’ event held at Basheerbagh Press Club on Saturday, he found fault with Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy for openly saying that the state has become bankrupt. Calling it an irresponsible statement coming from a chief minister, Rao said that construction workers were coming to the roads because the real estate industry has taken a hit due to statements like that.

Rao expressed hope in BRS playing a key role in Delhi, if a coalition forms the government after the Lok Sabha elections. Predicting a leader of the regional parties to become a prime minister this time, he felt that Congress couldn’t cross even 50 seats, let alone crossing the magic mark.

Also alleging that BJP and Congress have an arrangement to get 8 MP seats each, Harish said that there were indications that Revanth could join the BJP. He questioned why Revanth wasn’t condemning that talk about him.

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On the issue of redistribution of wealth, changing the constitution and repealing reservations in the country, Harish Rao said that nobody could alter the basic tenets of the constitution, and that both BJP and Congress, which were well aware of it, were trying to sensationalise these issues by confusing the voters to gain political mileage in the elections.

Observing that Revanth’s language and behaviour was downgrading the state’s pride, Harish felt that the people of Telangana were not appreciating the unparliamentary language he has been using against BRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao.

He also wondered why Revanth met the people only once during the Praja Darbar and has failed to be accessible after that.

Accusing the Congress of not fulfilling its election assurances even after promising them on a bond paper, Harish felt that the people would definitely teach Congress a lesson in the Lok Sabha elections.

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