Harish Rao labels Amit Shah, Kharge as ‘political tourists’ in Telangana

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Finance Minister Harish Rao criticized Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, referring to them as “political tourists.”

He stated that the people of Telangana have chosen the BRS party for their third consecutive term in power, even before any declarations from these leaders were made. Harish Rao stressed that the public will not put their trust in them.

During an event at Telangana Bhavan, MRPS state leader Bhaskar officially joined the BRS party.

Harish Rao commented on the recent declaration by Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge, pointing out that the promises made for SC/ST communities were not even implemented in his own home state of Karnataka. He highlighted that people in Karnataka had grown disillusioned with the BJP, leading to Congress’s success.

Harish Rao also directed his critique towards Union Minister Amit Shah, suggesting that Shah lacks proper knowledge about Telangana and reads scripted speeches. He advised Shah to first address the issues in his own state of Gujarat.

Harish Rao highlighted the significant steps taken by the KCR government to uplift Dalits, such as awarding Rs 20 lakh scholarships to Dalit students under the Ambedkar Overseas Scholarships and erecting a 125-feet tall statue of Ambedkar. He further mentioned that the state’s secretariat was named after Ambedkar.

Expressing his viewpoint, Harish Rao argued that neither the Congress nor the BJP have the moral right to discuss Dalit welfare matters.

He pointed out that states governed by these parties often face communal incidents, as well as issues related to electricity and water supply. Contrasting this, he noted that Telangana provides its citizens with essential facilities, and he expressed confidence that KCR would secure a third term as Chief Minister.

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