Heavy rains lash parts of Hyderabad; water-logged roads in just 1 hour

Hyderabad: While hot weather has taken over the city, scattered spells of thunderstorms with strong winds have hit parts of the city on Thursday afternoon.

These weather conditions, owing to the intense Cyclone Mocha are expected to continue on and off for the next couple of hours.

In just one hour after the rains hit Rajendranagar, roads were clogged with water causing the vehicles to float.

Meanwhile, heatwaves in rural areas of Telangana have made the temperature cross 44 degrees Celcius, which is expected to spike further.

The cyclone forming in the Bay of Bengal is expected to hit Myanmar, which in turn would generate severe heat waves, gripping the state.

According to the daily forecast by Telangana Planning and Development, thundershowers hit parts of the city while dry weather would stay persistent in the following days, pumping up the temperatures to reach up to 42 degrees Celcius in North, East Telangana and 39 degrees Celcius in Hyderabad.

The India Meteorological Department Hyderabad (IMD-H) has predicted light to moderate rains in parts of the city on Thursday while a partly cloudy sky with the possibility of the development of Thunder Clouds towards the evening on Friday.

According to the latest forecast, Miyapur, Kukatpally, Quthbullapur, and Serilingampally are likely to witness cloudy skies with good chances of intense rain spells.

Uprooted trees, fallen electric poles and damaged cars after one hour of rain in Hyderabad

On Wednesday, parts of the city found much-needed respite from the heat as rains lashed isolated areas post 2 pm.

An intense rainband was observed over the areas of Charminar, Bahadurpura, and Zoo Park surroundings that spread towards the Rajendra Nagar area.

However, the incidence of uprooted trees, fallen electric poles and damaged cars surfaced after just one hour of rain.

Disaster response forces were approached from several places and took charge of the situation by clearing off fallen trees at many places.