Heavy rush at Toll Plazas as people rush home for Sankranti

Heavy rush was witnessed at the Pathangi and Bibinagar toll gates as people left for their native places to celebrate Sankranti.

At the Panthangi toll gate, Choutuppal, on Thursday a total number of 56595 vehicles passed including 42,844 cars, RTC buses – 1,300, private buses – 4,913, goods and other vehicles – 7,538.

On Friday a total of 67,577 vehicles passed the toll gate including 53,561 cars, RTC buses – 1,851, private buses – 4,906, good and other vehicles – 7,259.

At Bibinagar (Hyderabad – Warangal) on Friday a total number of 25231 vehicles passed including 17844 cars, and buses – 872.

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From Warangal to Hyderabad 13334 vehicles passed the toll gate.

Traffic police official Rachakonda, D Srinivas, said that heavy passenger flow was noticed at the Vijayawada bus stand at LB nagar and a heavy vehicular flow was noticed at Panthangi toll gate between 10 pm to 1 am.

“Traffic special teams and RTC special teams are on the job to regulate the traffic. One traffic special team and GMR toll maintenance team are on the job at Pathangi tollgate and effectively regulating the traffic. On this occasion, passengers are requested to wait for the buses at provided bus shelters only do not stand on roads to avoid untoward incidents. do not travel in unauthorized vehicles,” said Srinivas.

He further requested the vehicle drivers to check the condition of the vehicle before coming on the road and to cooperate with traffic police.