Heera Gold offices become operational in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The central office of Heera Gold group on Friday was re-opened at Banjara Hills after a gap of three years. Hailing the Supreme Court’s decision allowing to carry out business, the Heera Group CEO Nowhera Shaik said that though there were many conspiracies by the vested interests to malign her business and image she could able to make a come back with the support of the investors.

Nowhera Shaik said that, the company is awaiting the digital data centre from Central Crime Station (CCS) police, once its received by her office the process of distributing the money among the investors shall start. With the central office becoming operational, all the branches will become start functioning soon.

The Heera group CEO further said that her aim is to empower the women and make them self reliant. “Implicating me in 29 cases across the country was politically motivated and this has badly affected the company and its investors” said Nowhera Shaik.

Following Supreme Court’s direction Nowhera Shaik was released on bail and she was allowed to carry out business and return the amount to depositors.