Helmets mandatory for pillion riders: Hyderabad Traffic Police

Hyderabad: After conducting awareness drives on helmets for safety, the Hyderabad Traffic police have now begun booking cases against motorists who allow pillion riders to commute without a helmet.

So far in 2021, the traffic police have booked 11,54,463 cases against two wheeler owners who allowed pillion riders to sit without a helmet. In a drive carried out between December 7 to December 11, there have been 27,306 cases against those who have allowed pillion riders without a helmet. The traffic police have also booked 60,038 cases against riders who were without a helmet.

Expressing his views on the helmet mandate, Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar said, “It is the responsibility of the owner of the two-wheeler to ensure that the pillion rider wears a helmet. The pillion rider is as much at risk of losing his or her life as the driver.”

Cases are booked under the motor vehicles act, and the penalties are based on the nature of the violation. “So it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure the pillion also wears a helmet. There is no exemption from the rule for anyone,” said the police.